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Fun Night Out on Broad Avenue

Hello, everyone! This week was pretty rad and I hope your week was great as well. I’m still loving the Memphis weather and using it as an opportunity to get out of the house and show my silly little face around town. There are so many different places to go in Memphis which can keep you out the entire night. A lot of people focus on Beale Street which has an incredible music scene, deep history, and attractions no matter where you set foot. Last Friday I hopped in an Uber and saw the sights on Broad Avenue.

Located just East of Overton Park, the Broad Avenue Arts District has some newer bars and restaurants which I had been eager to experience. I began my evening the The Liquor Store, a new restaurant known for their brunches. I ordered the Impossible Burger – a vegan treat that is supposed to mimic a real beef patty. It did not disappoint! Neither did their mixed drinks. The interior is very hip and I felt a bit out of place as I am only moderately hip. If their dinner is any indication, I will be back for brunch very soon!

For my next stop I went to Wiseacre. Memphis is known for having the largest artesian aquifer. While this makes it easy to just grab a glass of water from the tap it also makes for some lovely local beer. And when it comes to local beer, Wiseacre is VERY lovely. They always have different brew styles on tap so there is certainly something for everyone. I tried what remained of their Unicornicopia which is a Belgian-style aged in tequila barrels. It really knocked my socks off! As you can see from some of the pictures taken, the artwork at Wiseacre is also something to write home about.

The bar at The Cove

After Wiseacre, I trekked to The Cove which is a pirate-themed bar that specializes in bands and on the occasional evening, karaoke. Luckily for the rest of the patrons, this was not karaoke night. One can only handle so much Cher emanating from yours truly. There was a cover band which played some mid-90s country a la Alan Jackson as well as the Friends theme song. Yes, I clapped when I was supposed to clap. The Cove was a perfect night cap filled with live music and good times.

I highly recommend checking out Broad Avenue for a night out. You can find great food, a variety of beer, and live music. It is also a bit less busy than Beale Street so if you want a night which is low key, Broad Ave absolutely fits the bill. There are some other restaurants which I did not get to experience but I will be sure to go back and try them out as well. This coming weekend is St. Patrick’s Day which is practically a state holiday in Boston so I’m excited to see what surprises Memphis has in store! Thank you for joining me yet again and until next time, keep on grinding!

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