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Full Weekend: The Levitt Shell and Art on Tap at The Dixon

Oh, hello! Thank you for returning for another entry of my first year! At some point I’m going to jump right into the Story of The Week sans greeting and you’re going to think “SO rude!” For now…I’ll keep the greeting.

Since moving to Memphis I have been absolutely delighted with the abundance of events. It truly does seem like there is something to do each day of the week. Not only is there always a reason to leave the house, but they’re almost always affordable for the average person to attend. Since May, I do feel like I’ve been going out like a trout in a drought. This weekend was no exception!

Thursday night was the kickoff for the Fall Concert Series at The Levitt Shell. After a two-minute drive from my lovely, freshly painted apartment, my dear companion and I checked out the North Mississippi All Stars during Grizzlies Night at The Shell. Being a free event, it is kid/dog/beverage-friendly and I cannot recommend it enough! Although we arrived a bit later than initially planned (my hair took longer than expected to get juuust right) we found a great spot between two dog owners; a great distraction from not being able to see the band! We stayed for most of the set but it being a weeknight and having plans for the following evening, we headed home a bit early. I will certainly be back at the Levitt Shell before the concert series is over!

Late last month I was bequeathed two tickets to the Dixon Gallery & Gardens’ Art on Tap by my wonderful, talented, and amazing sister-in-law. I had been looking forward to attending Art on Tap all week long! Simply, Art on Tap is a chance to enjoy some beer from local brewers and food from nearby restaurants. So, once again, my companion and I responsibly Uber-ed our way to the Dixon.



Once we arrived we were not disappointed! Like any true Memphian, we immediately made our way to the Gus’s Fried Chicken booth and grabbed ourselves some perfectly crispy drummies. Mmmmmm so good! There were also at least a dozen local brewers offering samplings of their beer. What impressed me the most about Art on Tap was the layout. From entrance to exit getting around was very intuitive and the vendors were spread out enough to mitigate any bottlenecking. The band for the evening was Airside who played a nice mix of originals and covers, and offered a nice reprieve from eating all of the Gus’s. The Dixon Gallery was also open during Art on Tap and we enjoyed their current installation of Spanish Colonial Art. Knowing that the Dixon can throw such a fun gathering, I cannot wait to attend their next event!

Like most weekends in Memphis, we had something planned for almost every day! The ease of which I can find something to do is something I really appreciate about this city and makes it easier to familiarize myself with my new home.

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