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Free Film Festival Festival: January 27th-February 11th

Free Film Festival Festival: January 27th-February 11th

Rhodes College’s Film Studies program will hold a French Films festival of sorts. Six films stretching across sixteen days all aimed at exposing you to other cultures and enhancing your knowledge of them.

If you are not a student at Rhodes, that doesn’t matter. All of the films will be open to the public. Each feature will be exhibited in the Blount Auditorium in Buckman Hall. And each film will be shown with English subtitles.

Admission to the movies is free.

These are the films that will be featured:

  • Dana la maison (In The House) on January 27th, at 7:00pm (opening reception starts at 6:30pm). Runtime of 105 minutes and rated R.
  • Israel Confidential (The Gatekeepers) on January 28th, at 7:00pm. Runtime of 101 minutes and rated PG-13.
  • Grigis on February 3rd, at 7:00pm. Runtime of 101 minutes and Not Rated.
  • Augustine on February 4th, at 7:00pm. Runtime of 107 minutes and Not Rated.
  • L’Image manquante (The Missing Picture) on February 10th, at 7:00pm. Runtime of 95 minutes and Not Rated.
  • Le Joli Mai (The Lovely Month of May) on February 11th, at 7:00pm (closing reception at 6:30pm). Runtime of 165 minutes and Not Rated.

There will also be guest speakers from Rhodes College and from the University of Memphis to provide introductions and discussions about the films and the college.

Go here to learn more about Rhodes College.

And go here to learn about their Film Studies program.

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