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Four Young Memphis Music Artists You Need to Know

Artists who hail from Memphis always strike the right chord and these four young artists are setting a new tone perfectly.

If you’re looking for a new wave to hop on, Dylan Amoré, Marlinda, Jordan Occasionally, and Prophet Najee may have what you’re looking for. These four artists caught my attention with their unique image, immense talent, and their overall instinct to dare and be different. Along with their undeniable work ethic, these components have begun to attract attention for these artists and could eventually mark their place in Memphis music history alongside the other greats. 

In a world where normalcy is encouraged, these young souls push the envelope when expressing themselves through art. While inspiring the local youth, they live and create in their truth. With a fresh sound combined with soul and hip hop that only comes from the south, they each are shining bright in their own way. 


Dylan Amoré

Dylan Amore by Quincy Pugh

This unique phenom has created a movement on his own and is taking his music and branding to great heights.  

Dylan Amoré is a rap artist with a flow and vibe that’s smooth like the golden oldies your parents would play but with the new age feel we all love. About three years ago, Dylan decided to follow his passion of music and his grind has persisted and his ever-growing music catalogue has had tons of support from the start.

“If you love yourself then you’ll love my music. You can be you and enjoy life while understanding that nobody is perfect,” he said. 

He is also an artist of the people. Dylan threw a birthday party for himself where he invited other upcoming artists just to give them a platform for others to hear their work. J. White and QP are fellow new artists on Nina Records, a label Dylan and his brother started from the ground up. By helping others light shine, his light is just as bright. 

Dylan Amoré has music on all streaming platforms and he has a new single called “Nice to Meet You” on Soundcloud. P.S. You’ll love his Phenom merch line on his website.

Listen: Dylan Amoré on Soundcloud

Instagram: @_dyluminati

Jordan Occasionally

Jordan Occasionally sings and creates with intention and it shows. 

Being inspired by greats like Anita Baker and Phil Collins, Jordan expressed herself through song ever since she was a little girl. To this day, she expresses whatever she feels and what she feels about the world, from sexism to gentrification. Talk about a message!

Although she sings, she’s also inspired by hip hop. Lyrically and melodically, the way hip hop artists put rhythm and rhymes together inspires her own creative process.

I pull inspiration from the world around me,” she said. “I am always constantly inspired by how this world moves and how people respond to each other. I feel certain moments in the music that cause me to sing high or low notes. 

With a neo-soul sound and a heart full of love and energy, Jordan’s music brings a groove to Memphis that young and old want to hear. She is also a light and voice for her generation through her music, proving that issues matter and we have the power to start a conversation. 

Jordan Occasionally is always performing around town so keep an eye out. She also has merch on her website. 

Listen: “Don’t Shoot”; “1998” EP

Instagram: @jordan_occasionally


Photo by Quincy Pugh

A singing sister with the makings of an R&B princess is Marlinda. 

She’s been singing since she was a little girl at church and it blossomed into performing on stage in front of her peers. Now, she arranges and records all her music and is even starting to pursue her love for photography, something she considers therapeutic. Inspired by the classic R&B from the 90s and beyond, she embodies class and a softness along with empowerment.

Marlinda considers herself to be an artist of various shades, allowing her to conform to her own beat and be free. She freestyles off beats when creating her music and she sings about whatever her emotions lead her. A true free spirit.

“Love above everything else” is what she wants listeners to get from her music. No matter what people may go through, Marlinda’s message is to let go and let love. 

Marlinda has a new single titled “Against Me” available for streaming on all music platforms and plans of releasing new merch for her fans.  

Listen: “Against Me” on Apple Music 

Instagram: @__marlinda

Prophet Najee

prophet najee by Anderson Ayers

“A radical Nigerian kid who creates art through music,” is in his bio and it describes his presence as an artist perfectly.  

Influenced by the late, great Tupac Shakur, Prophet Najee is a rapper who takes an edgy approach while still coming off as authentic. He pulls the inspiration for his music from his everyday life and the emotions that come with living in today’s age. When asked to describe how he views his music, he had this to say. 

“It is what I feel on certain days, what I might have saw yesterday, or even what I have experienced years ago,” he said. “All those emotions can’t fit into one specific genre so lately, I have been putting myself under the category of “New Age.” I feel like the Hip-Hop community is looking to gravitate towards something new, so why not give the people what they want?”

When creating, Prophet Najee freestyles to different beats until he writes something solid enough to record. As fans of his music may tell, Prophet Najee has an ear for rhythm. His beats are modern and nostalgic all at once and he performs on each record with a different tone that’s always pleasing to the ear. His style is also a winner, making swag look way too good. 

Prophet Najee just recently opened up for Jhené Aiko at Liberty Bowl so it’s safe to say he’s on to bigger and better things! He also has various performances and ventures set for the future with no signs of slowing down. Be sure to stream his recent EP “Transitions”. 


Instagram: @theprophetnajee


There’s an undeniable wave of emerging talent in Memphis, and who better to boost them up than their hometown? Follow, like, stream, subscribe, and support these artists and others who through their authenticity are adding more layers to how Memphis music is defined. 


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