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Foodie Review: Tacos Los Jarochos

Tacos Los Jarochos

Mexican and Latino restaurants seem to be found on the corner of every street. In most cases, the menu and taste of the food resemble. You can order the same thing universally at any restaurant and know what to expect. So when we heard of Tacos Los Jarochos, we weren’t that excited. But, when we heard it was a taco truck, we couldn’t think of trying anything else before trying it.

The taco truck can typically be found at Summer and Mendenhall. It is parked in a fenced in lot with tables and chairs for dining. The tables are wrought iron and equipped with napkins and eating utensils. There is also a paletas shop in the back of the lot you can use to dine inside. The truck has a walk up window you order at or you can call in. The line wasn’t too long and they moved through it rather quick taking about 10 minutes to get our food cooked.

Tacos Los Jarochos

The menu was much more extensive than I would have thought for a taco truck. They had shrimp, lengua, tripa, carne asada, and pollo tacos. You can choose from quesadillas, burritos, or tacos. You can either get them authentic with pico de gallo and fresh radishes in a corn tortilla or American with cheese sauce and no radishes in a flour tortilla.


The taco truck makes fresh sauces every morning. Huacamole, tomatillo, and a habanero are what they had when we were visiting. I went with the huacamole, it was mild enough. All were good, but the tomatillo and habanero were a too spicy for my taste. Tacos Los Jarochos also gives you grilled onions and peppers to top your orders off with.

Tacos Los Jarochos

We got a pollo, carne asada, and quesadilla los jarochos on our visit. All were scrumptious with fresh flavors, and meat that wasn’t over cooked or seasoned. The quesadilla los jarochos was our favorite filled with ham, bacon, steak, cheese, and vegetables. We’ve been back 4 out of 6 days since. If you haven’t tried Tacos Los Jarochos, you should!

Tacos Los Jarochos
4894 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN 38122
(901) 314-5735

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