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Foodie Review: Ryu

Living in a city where sushi is so popular it’s sold at gas stations, Memphians are faced with many options to choose from. After living in the Bluff City, I have had the opportunity to try several different places. Recently a friend asked me to meet her at Ryu on Summer Avenue.


I was a little worried when I arrived in the parking lot. Adjacent to an Asian Market, Ryu is not something that grabs your attention on your drive. The building and outside exterior does not seem to have been updated since the mid 1980s, however it does resemble Japanese architecture. The inside matches the outside in decoration, with worn carpet and faded paintings. I must admit though, what Ryu lacks in style and design, they definitely make up for in service and taste.

With a numerous list of sushi, nigiri, and sashimi, I was overwhelmed with choices. They do offer several different combinations, with the option to create your own, so this allowed for me to pleasure my pallet with a myriad of different taste. I opted for the spicy crab, California roll, and a salmon-tuna roll. Expecting a long wait, I ordered edamame to snack on. The edamame was served at perfection, with not too much sodium or salt, which I find most restaurants do. Just as we finished our last bean, the servers had arrived with our sushi.

Ryu Sushi Bar

The presentation was just as amazing as the taste. Using rice that wasn’t too sticky, and a perfect proportion of ingredients, Ryu served me the best sushi I have experienced in Memphis so far.

The prices weren’t over the top either. They offer an “early bird” special, allowing you to order three rolls at a discount. Ryu does serve beer but no hard liquors, but you are more than welcome to bring in your own. They serve fresh sake as well.

Whenever I have friends or family in town, I always take them to Ryu for sushi. Ryu definitely does not appear to be the sushi capital of Memphis, but give it a shot. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!


5137 Summer Avenue

Memphis, TN 38122


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