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Foodie Review: Cafe Eclectic

Situated in 3 different distinct locations in Memphis, (Harbor Town, Highland, & North McLean Blvd.) Cafe Eclectic is known for its good brew and friendly crew!  Employing mostly young Memphians with other side gigs (musicians, writers, artists, students, & etc.) , Cafe Eclectic has an upbeat atmosphere with a side of southern hospitality. The staff is always excited to help you, super helpful, and always quick to answer questions. Displaying flyers for Memphis events, art from local artists, and stickers from other organizations in Memphis, all customers rest assured their dollars spent there are put back into the community. But enough about the interior and staff, let’s get down to the main course.

Cafe Eclectic

Serving Illy, Cafe Eclectic provides coffee enthusiast with high grade fresh brewed coffee. We tried a creme-brulatte, americano, and the apple cider while we were there. I got the cider ,not wanting to feed any more caffeine into my system, and I don’t think I’ll ever order anything but it from now on! The cinnamon was not overwhelming and the apple flavors unfold onto your taste buds. As you finish the drink, the whip cream blends with the cider, giving it a nice cream taste. I had a sip of the creme-brulatte, 2 shots of espresso with vanilla syrup. It was a little sweet for my taste, but still delicious all the same. And the presentation was magnificent!
The Harbortown and Highland location have limited menus, but the original location on McLean has a full menu. We ordered a brie and pear panini, and a club sandwich. Both are served on breads fresh baked by Eclectic’s in house bakery. The panini was hot pressed with fresh cut pears. The club sandwich had thin sliced turkey, piled high with lettuce and tomatoes. Both were delicious sandwiches, and we left stuffed. The menu also has soups, salads, wraps, and other daily specials. They also cater to vegetarians and vegans, ensuring a meal for whatever diet you choose.
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