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Foodie Review: Brother Juniper’s

Photo: Brother Juniper's

Delivering succulent breakfast dishes with simple and few ingredients, Brother Juniper’s has something on the menu for any meal in Memphis. Located on Walker near The University of Memphis, this hole in the wall not only steals the stomach of students, but tourists abroad. Skipping breakfast and deciding to take lunch early, Choose901 decided to see what all the fuss is about.  This is what we found.

If there wouldn’t have been a nice wooden sign out front, we never would have found this place. Situated in a small concrete shopping center, Brother Juniper’s is no easily seen to the untrained eye. It has a nice quaint  garden full of lush greenery and blooming flowers. It was raining the day we went, but there are tables outside with the option to dine outdoors, and we suggest it!


The interior provides just the amount of comfort and home associated with breakfast. There are several tables, a breakfast bar, dim lighting, and random pieces of art on display. The servers don’t have a uniform, and even submit the tickets by hand to the kitchen window.

The menu was expansive in size and inexpensive in price. Surprisingly most meals were less than $10 and the portions are huge, usually accompanied with homemade cheese grits, and your choice of biscuit or toast. We asked the waitress what people usually ordered and she suggested the Monte Cristo, Black Bean Burrito, Pancakes, and potatoes. We went with t the Black Bean Burrito and the Monte Cristo. And we must say, Memphis knows how to order.


Brother Juniper's

Photo Credit: @Breezylucia

The Black Bean Burrito was not only massive, but filled with scrambled eggs, onion, peppers, cheese, and black bean. It was topped with sour cream and picante. The Monte Cristo had mozzarella sandwiched between slices of skillet fried ham, encompassed in french toast. There was a dish of syrup partnered with it for dipping, however we thought the sandwich was already perfect without it!

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. If Brother Juniper, a friar and chef to St. Francis, were alive today, he would beam with gleam at this establishment. Check it out for yourself!

Brother Juniper’s
3519 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111

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