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Foodie Friday: Cafe Keough


Right now is such a pivotal moment for the Memphis food industry. Many new restaurants are opening, so of course we had to try one! We went downtown for lunch at Cafe Keough this week. Kevin Keough, a former co-owner of the Beauty Shop, is the owner of the new Cafe Keough. The atmosphere was very cool – a little New Orleans/French feel to it – I felt like I was out of town. The place was spacious with a clean look to it – lots of light colors, like blue,white, and grey. The prices were very affordable as well.


The menu was overwhelming. Literally everything sounded appetizing. We knew we were going to have coffee, so we tried to figure that out first. We decided to stick with a Vanilla Latte, which was nothing short of delicious. There was definitely a line when we first got there, so when we were able to order, we still didn’t have an idea of what we wanted besides the latte. We were told to try the smoked turkey, thats what I got.

memphis coffee shop  Choose901

The smoked turkey was panini-pressed full of sliced turkey, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and a thin hint of cranberries, which was the perfect mix. The thought of cranberries was odd, but it had a nice “pallet cleansing” taste. It was such a refreshing sandwich that you don’t feel like you’ve over-eaten.

They currently have a bar, but they’re working on their liquor license. For having been open only about a month ago, this cafe was very popular. The cafe fits in perfectly on South Main and I’m sure will receive a lot of praise.

Check it out:

12 South Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103