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Meet Kirsten: Finding Meaningful Mentorship Through Give901

Kirsten Desiderio is currently the Marketing Coordinator at Cushman & Wakefield I Commercial Advisors, a give901 corporate partner, who also finds time to mentor youth through Streets Ministries.

Kirsten’s friends and family would describe her as driven, confident, and a loud social butterfly. Her personality definitely shows in all that she’s a part of.


Some of her current accomplishments and activities include participating as the Vice President of Communications with the Graduate Student Association at the University of Memphis. She is also the Director of Membership in the Public Relations Student Society of American at The University of Memphis, where she gets to experience both professional and educational aspects. 

Kirsten finds time to do all that she does, while also working towards her Master’s degree. She is clearly investing in herself, but she is also finding time to invest in others.

a little full circle moment

As a native Memphian, Kirsten still loves her city so much. From the food to music to culture, she says there’s always something left to see and to explore. As someone who loves Memphis the way Kirsten does, it makes sense that she chooses to make time to mentor.

Kirsten was first introduced to Streets Ministries through Give901, who came to speak about the power of volunteering and donating

There was a comment made about low income children and how mentors help shape their futures, how many of these children come from low income backgrounds and turn out to be first generation college students who even in their college careers could use help, advice, and mentorship.

“This hit home because I was one of those kids.”

Kirsten shares that her mother raised four kids by herself, and that she was the oldest. They moved around a lot in the Nutbush area, and she has lived consistently in Nutbush since she was 13. She still lives there now at 29. 

And as a first generation college student, she knows the feelings of learning it all as you go.

She wanted to help other kids, who she could personally relate to, and she found just that at Streets Ministries.

Kirsten describes her time at Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors as spiritually rewarding because the amount of service the company gives back to the city is so great to see.

A woman mentoring a young girl.
Kirsten and her mentee, Aisha

“Whether through donations or partnerships, our Leadership team is committed to helping serve the community.” 


She believes that mentors can really shape kids’ lives, but the biggest fear for some of the kids was their mentor not following through or not continuing to be around. She knew that kids need consistency, trust, and someone who can listen.

“Being able to possibly be a change in a kid's life is worth all the time spent mentoring.”

Commercial Advisors is a Give901 corporate partner, which means they allow their employees to invest their treasure and their time in Give901 programs focused on education and youth in Memphis. 

To learn more about how your company can also become a corporate partner with Give901, reach out to Anne Pitts, Give901 Director at

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