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Feb 3rd-28th: Paul Miller Artwork Exhibit


paul miller

“Next Things Next,” the title of the artwork created by Memphis native, Paul Miller, will be showing Feb. 3rd-28th at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church.  Miller’s work is known for containing elements of family, friends, and Memphis.

Miller’s art was shown at the 56th Annual Delta Art Exhibition in Little Rock, as well as the Winter Invitational at Gallery 56 in Memphis.  He also received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at the University of Memphis in 2004.

Paul Miller1

Emerse yourself in art for the night and admire some of Miller’s work.  A good conversation or a new view of art could stem from it.  Check out his painting “Don Juan Dreaming” above.

On Feb. 6 you can catch him with an “artist’s talk” happening at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church from 6 pm-7 pm.

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