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Experiencing Artistik Lounge

Every third Sunday is Artistik Lounge Sunday with Eso and Siphne at Madison Dance Studio.

If you don’t know the dynamic duo, you’ll probably meet them soon because they are everywhere in Memphis. I had the pleasure of performing with them last year. I always catch Siphne spinning on the 1’s and 2’s at various events and clubs, and Eso is always working to bring artists together. Both of them have beautiful singing voices and also beat box. This past Sunday, their special guests were Chris Pat and Terence Clark, two percussionists from Memphis who have done some amazing things in their careers.  

I had met Chris Pat previously and in learning more about his career (he has worked with Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera), I have to say musicians from Memphis are killing it in the industry. There was a brief interview with Chris before he played and he spoke about how a majority of his inspiration and support came from growing up in the church. He made a few jokes about not being very good at music and wanting to get better, and he talked about how his father encouraged him. Then he got on the drum set and filled the room with rhythms. The audience was so chill, lounging on pillows and couches just enjoying the mood.

There was a break between the sets where everybody socialized, got food and drinks, and checked out merch. I saw several people I knew and talked to some people I didn’t know. I asked a lady about where she got her hair done and we struck up a conversation. I ran into several photographers I knew and talked to them. I saw some friends, knew the woman who was working the bar, and I really was just on a high from the whole vibe.

Eso and Terrence Clark.

Eso and Terence Clark.

Terrence Clark was up next and he brought his father and his whole band for the set. During his interview, he spoke about growing up in Memphis and his father teaching him to play. He talked about what it meant to him to make real music versus just playing anything, and about how he likes to mix genres. He then brought a couple of people onstage (including myself) to try out some instruments and we improvised a song together, which was awesome.

One of my favorite parts was at the very end of the event when Eso invited audience members on stage for a jam session. Everyone lined up for a chance to sing or rap to the Terrence Clark Band along with Chris Pat, and I almost got emotional. I was just thinking how beautiful it is for people to come together and just share music, vibes, good energy and fun. It was so great that I forgot I had work the next day. It was damn near 11pm and I didn’t want to leave that feeling. It’s an experience I will never forget and I CANNOT wait to see what they have next month.

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