Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Experience the Memphis Farmers Market

I am a huge sucker for a good farmers market.

I love the adventure of not knowing what you’re going to find, but knowing that no matter what, it’s going to be awesome. I love the unique people and fun items that they sell. I always walk away feeling creative and inspired.

The Memphis Farmers Market exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love the location. It was a bit hard to find at first, but you can’t beat the atmosphere of downtown Memphis. The Farmers Market is hoppin’ on Saturday morning. Everyone and their dogs (literally) are there. It is also very kid friendly.

mfm3As soon as you arrive you are overwhelmed with amazing smells. As you walk through the market you get whiffs of fresh basil, wildflower bouquets, handmade soaps and perfectly ripe peaches. It’s so different from the grocery store, where I smell…nothing. The market offers several food trucks like Bluff City Coffee, Sushi Jimmi, and Taste of Empire to name a few. I was ecstatic to finally try Sushi Jimmy as I am a huge sushi fan. I was intrigued by their unique sushi burritos and they did not disappoint.

mfm2Speaking of food, the market is lined with beautifully colored produce. From squash, to peaches, to eggplant, the Downtown Farmers Market offered a huge variety of produce.
Not only were beautiful fruits and vegetables, there were also soaps, breads, pottery, meat and dairy, jewelry and much more. They even offered live music. My very favorite part though is the gorgeous flowers from Whitton Farms. There is a woman who makes the most beautiful bouquets you’ll ever see. You can tell her your favorite types of flowers and she will combine them with the perfect flowers to complement to make a gorgeous handful.

I loved everything about the Downtown Farmers Market. I also really love that they are open every Saturday through December, when most other markets start shutting down right around this time of year. I also love leaving filled with inspiration and hands full of pretty flowers and yummy foods that are grown by local farmers right here in my own community.

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