Hit the water to make waves in Memphis!(Photo: SUP901)

Experience Memphis On the Water

Whether it's a river or a lake, Memphis has plenty of opportunities for you to go with the flow.

Keep scrolling to find a ways to hit the water:

kayak memphis in the mississippi harbor

See amazing views of the Memphis skyline from your kayak!

Kayak Memphis in the Mississippi River Harbor — Cruise the current of the Mississippi River via group and guided tours. Group and guided tours along the Memphis riverfront. 

hyde lake and pine lake at shelby farms park

Did you know there are over 20 lakes in Shelby Farms Park? (Photo: SUP901)

Hyde Lake and Pine Lake at Shelby Farms Park — Get up close and personal with the water at Shelby Farms Park. There are paddleboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes made available as your vehicle for water exploration.

Paddleboard Yoga classes are also offered at Shelby Farms via SUP901.

blues city kayaks

Kayakers along on the Wolf River
Blues City Kayaks offers informative and fun kayak tours along the Wolf River, Hatchie River, and other waterways close to Memphis, TN.

Blues City Kayaks — We bet you never thought you’d see so much of Memphis from the water! The Wolf River flows all throughout the city limits, and then some—and Blues City Kayaks offers 5 different tours that’ll take you places you’ve never seen.

ghost river rentals

Canoe and kayak rentals on the scenic Ghost River and other beautiful sections of the Wolf River.

Ghost River Rentals (Moscow, TN) — It’s about an hour drive from Midtown or Downtown Memphis, but man, is it cool. Once you’ve ‘yakked or canoed the Ghost River section, you’ll REALLY understand the meaning behind the OG Ghost River Brewing branding.

water play areas

Photo: Memphis River Parks

Be it a pool or a water playground, find a place to pop into where you can make a splash!

Looking for more outdoor fun?

We’ve got a guide for that!

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