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Experience Ireland with Celtic Crossing’s Irish Whiskey Flights

The short version: Celtic Crossing is now offering Irish whiskey flights. You can go try some of the very best of Irish spirits for incredibly reasonable prices.

The long version: If you’re anything like me, when you think of Ireland, you probably think of Guinness. Actually, I should say, “If you’re anything like the old me,” and by old, I mean from a couple weeks ago. That was before I took a tour of what Ireland’s finest liquid export: Irish Whiskey, from my seat inside of Celtic Crossing. I’ve always been a fan of a variety of fermented beverages (primarily beer) but honestly knew next to nothing about Irish whiskey. I am somewhat versed in bourbon (I mean, we are in the south), scotch (much sophistication, I have), rye whisky, etc, but just never found myself around much Irish whiskey. That was, until DJ at Celtic Crossing invited me to enlightenment.

Two Irish men, a latino, and a midwesterner walk into a bar...

Two Irish men, a latino, and a midwesterner walk into a bar… // photo(s) by @a_puccio

DJ gave me a history lesson in Irish whiskey. Apparently, it had a bit of a bad reputation coming out of prohibition and took some time to recover, because people associated it with poor quality moonshiner imitations. It is back on it’s feet, and let me tell you, with good reason. It’s full of flavor with almost none of the burn that is associated its counterparts. All of the whiskies we tried (which were many…), had deep a variance of flavors and nuances and clean finishes that left us wanting more.

In the words of DJ’s friend, Kieran, a native to Galway, Ireland, “Irish whiskey is so smooth, it’s like an angel crying on your tongue.”

Tasting notes

Tasting notes

These whiskey flights may seem to appeal to just the aficionados, but they present it all in a way that anyone (well, anyone 21+) can thoughtfully enjoy and participate. Each whiskey comes with a full description of the nose, palate, and finish. You can try a range of whiskeys from a specific distiller, like Bushmills or Jameson, or try a range of distillers. You can get introduced to three different whiskies for less than the price at a cocktail anywhere else in Cooper Young. The price of the premium flight may seem high at first glance, but each individual bottle retails for over $150, and you get to try three of them! If you have a friend who is into whiskey, this would be amazing for a night out celebrating.

My favorite whiskey of the night was the Bushmills 16 year. It was aged in three different casks: bourbon, port, and sherry and it won Gold at the 2010 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition. It’s Monday morning but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Oh, speaking of Mondays, the flights are $2 off, and pints are only $3. So, you can kick off St. Patrick’s Day a little early with some real Irish spirits and a pint of Guinness!

A couple other things that Celtic Crossing has going on that you should check out:

Irish Seisiuns: When people come together with instruments in hand and play Irish melodies that end up sounding like beautiful, unrehearsed songs. Celtic hosts these twice a month and features musicians who have been attending for decades.
Celtic Trivia Night: Celtic has been a hot spot for trivia for a number years now. Join in Wednesday nights, 7pm-9:30pm.

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