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Promotional image for Alex Lopez & Memphis Lightning's two-night music event on the Lightning Xpress Tour at Hernando's Hide-A-Way from April 11th to 12th, including time

The Lightning Xpress Tour comes to Memphis

Coming to Memphis Tennessee, 2 international touring artists join forces to create a tour de force rocking blues show – Billboard charting artist The Alex Lopez Xpress AND Sweetone recording artist Memphis Lightning. Two nights only April 11th and 12th at the World famous Hernando’s Hideaway… starting at 8PM(each evening). Two of blues rock’s hottest artists taking the stage for one incredible evening of music.
Two bands, one stage, one great show…As part of the show – The bands each do a set and then perform some classic blues songs together.
2 nights ONLY – RSVP/TICKETS Click the link below:
Thursday April 11th –…/Alex-Lopez-and…/595184
Friday April 12th –…/Alex-Lopez-and…/595186
The Lightning Xpress tour is the union of two talented rock/blues artists that has has been selling out shows bringing high-energy and great music to venues. Says Alex “we did a sold-out show together in Florida and when Lightning and I performed some songs together the audience just loved it, the atmosphere was so electrifying, we knew we has something special we decided to take it out to all our fans.”
Meet the bands:
Alex Lopez and The Xpress(ALX): Renowned guitarist and songwriter Alex Lopez, with his band The Xpress, electrifies audiences with a blend of blues, rock, pop, and funk. Known for revitalizing blues for new generations, they mesmerize with melodic songs from Alex’s seven acclaimed albums, including their just released Billboard top ten “Looking for a Change.” Expect a high-energy mix of new hits and blues rock classics in their unforgettable performance.
Memphis Lightning: Dynamic and internationally touring, Memphis Lightning features award-winning musicians, including guitar virtuoso Lightning Thiboutot who wows audiences with his guitar fretwork equivalent to guitar pyrotechnics. The band, which includes Grammy-nominated Big Red and members “The Rock” and “Mr. Mayhem,” is celebrated for their fusion of styles reminiscent of Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger. Memphis Lightning is synonymous with future legends, delivering a compelling musical experience.
Hernando’s Hideaway is known as The Last Ole Schoolin No Foolin Beer Drinkin Shot Shootin Roadhouse Honky Tonk Lounge! It is world famous with a storied history – Elvis Presley played here in 1953. Johnny Burnette sang of “The Hide-A-Way* in the 1956 hit “Rock Billy Boogie.” The song “Hernando’s Hideaway’ in the 1957 movie The Pajama Game made the name more famous. Joe Arnold & The Memphis Four and Billy Adams & The Nuggets were the house bands in the 1960s and 1970s, often joined by the likes of Charlie Rich, Duck Dunn and others. Jerry Lee Lewis appeared so frequently he called the club his “office”. Located at 3210 OLD HERNANDO RD., Memphis, TN, United States, Tennessee it delivers world class music to the Memphis area.
RSVP or get your tickets to this show TODAY!
Thursday April 11th at:…/Alex-Lopez-and…/595184
Friday April 12th at:…/Alex-Lopez-and…/595186

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Apr 11 2024


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm



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Hernandos Hideaway
Hernandos Hideaway
3210 Hernando Street, Memphis, TN


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