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Get ready to lock d - in fashion ball and awards! Attend the glamorous Fashion Ball and Awards event to showcase your impeccable sense of style and win recognition for your exceptional fashion choices.

Tha Don Lock’d-IN: Fashion Ball and Awards

The event is called Lock’d-IN: Fashion Ball & Awards. It welcome anyone to come to showcase their own creativity in fashion, artistic showcase, and enjoy a night of achievement, music, and much more. The set up of the venue will be decor to represent the BET with a twist so it will fully dressed in full black, white, and gold. A red carpet with flashing lights and backdrop at the entrance to give the feeling of center of attention a their time to shine. And a stage with lights, sounds, and screen to give the artist showcase the feeling of making it to the next step in their career. Towards the end of the event we will give out awards for fashion, artistic showcase, and business in the city of Memphis. Awards will be based of fans and audience. Overall this event is a night that highlights creativity. Everyone will have a time to shine as they showcase their creativity under the spotlight. The awards presentation increases exposure and interest which could help advance careers. This event has the potential to be a very impactful event that has a long lasting effect on everyone personal and professional lives.


Event Name: Tha Don Lock’d-IN: Fashion Ball & Awards

Event Date: March 8th,2024

Event Time: 7pm to 12am

Food is Provided (Cannot get both) – Cajun Chicken Alfredo – Shrimp & Grits

Desserts (Cannot get both) – Mini Cheesecake Bites(Top with Walnuts and Caramel) – Sweet Potato Pie(Top with Ice Cream and Caramel)

The event is finished.


Mar 08 2024


7:00 pm



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Believing Church
4798 Summer Avenue, Memphis, TN


Javon Hurt
The Entertainment Network
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