Star Trek First Contact Day

Unlike most holidays, First Contact Day is a day in future history! Trekkies believe that April 5, 2063, will be an important moment in the history of mankind. It is on this very day that scientist Zefram Cochrane first achieves warp drive in his Phoenix spacecraft. Only a few moments after the historic launch, Vulcans appear at the base near Boseman, Montana. First Contact Day thus also honors the achievements of Dr. Cochrane.


To celebrate this soon-to-be (relatively speaking) holiday, we’re transforming Lodge into 10 Forward for the day, complete with visuals and sound effects.


A Star Trek Themed food and drink menu will be available all day and into the night.


Special viewing areas will be setup, so you can hop around and watch any number of Trek movies or episodes all over the store.


Star Trek gaming will be available, from retro gaming, to board gaming, to the latest in VR Trek gaming.


At 7pm we will show First Contact on the big screen, followed by some playthroughs from attendees of Star Trek Bridge Crew in VR.


Costumes are strongly encouraged.

The event is finished.


Apr 05 2022


1:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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