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Paul Dessau: Let’s Hope For The Best: U.S. Film Premiere and Concert

The U.S. film premiere and concert of Paul Dessau: Let’s Hope For The Best at the Honey Community Music Fest provides an extraordinary opportunity to immerse oneself in the remarkable life and music of Paul Dessau, a German-Jewish artist. This event combines the film screening, which tells Dessau’s captivating story, with a concert featuring a specially arranged selection of his solo, chamber, and ensemble works, curated by Dr. John Cooper, a renowned professor of jazz studies.

Paul Dessau’s life was filled with intrigue and contrast, shaped by the tumultuous historical events of the 20th century. As a violinist, composer, and conductor, he traversed the complexities of living through two world wars and the ideological divisions between East and West, capitalism and communism. As a result, his music and character reflect a unique blend of ornery edginess, wit, contradiction, and a range of emotions from laconic to loving.

The medium of film provides a powerful platform to explore and present Dessau’s life and artistic journey. The U.S. film premiere of Paul Dessau: Let’s Hope For The Best allows the audience to delve into his story, gaining insights into his experiences, influences, and the cultural and historical context in which he lived. The film serves as a window into Dessau’s world, highlighting his creativity, resilience, and the impact of his music.

The film screening accompanies a concert that brings Dessau’s music to life. This thoughtful curation offers a comprehensive musical experience, showcasing the breadth and depth of Dessau’s compositions.

The audience can fully immerse themselves in Dessau’s artistic legacy by combining film and live music. The concert not only complements the visual narrative but also provides an opportunity to appreciate Dessau’s music’s intricacies and emotional depth.

The U.S. film premiere and concert of Paul Dessau: Let’s Hope For The Best promises to be a glittering and poignant event, celebrating the life and music of a remarkable artist.

Movie Run Time: 53 minutes


The event is finished.


Oct 22 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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