Artists Reception: Amy Hutcheson

Join us in the Patrick Lawton Lobby for an Artist’s Reception
AMY HUTCHESONTripping Through Your Orbit
The reception is free to attend and open to all.
Artist’s Statement:
American artist Amy Hutcheson creates large abstract paintings that are a response to daily life. Her compositions explore relationships between space, line, color and form. As a result, each image unfurls then curls up within itself, folding and unfolding at the same time. Each painting explores what is intimate, what is on display, what is cherished and abandoned. Her compositions are likened to conversations that evolve and flourish as new elements are introduced. You are invited to stay and engage and explore. Many of her pieces reveal pencil marks to show the artist’s hand, inviting the viewer to extend their gaze along the picture plane. To find those marks within a painting is like finding an intimate note.
Hutcheson’s works are fueled by joy, physical movement and synesthesia. Her interest in mark-making originates from her background in illustration. For the artist, the marks that lay just under the surface reveal the most intimate aspects of the self. Using line, color and form as “journaling” tools to create emblems of my personality, emotions and consciousness. Each title of work further unveil hints and give pause to the viewer. Working in a large scale, each piece becomes a transformative environment.

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Dec 09 2022


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Germantown Performing Arts Center, The Grove at GPAC
1801 Exeter Rd. Germantown TN 38138
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