Ambient Chaos: Out of Space Series

Pas Musique
Pas Musique emerged from Brooklyn, New York in 1995 as a solo project of founder Robert L. Pepper and has since gone through many variations of experimental, electronic iterations. In 2018, Pas Musique remain as a four piece consisting of Jon V Worthley, Michael Durek, Jesse Fairbairn, and Robert Pepper, pursuing the musical elements of electronic, experimental music with krautrock undertones. Pas Musique have collaborated with many great musicians which include Faust, Rapoon, ZEV, Philippe Petit, HATI, Chester Hawkins, Jim Tuite, and many more. Pas Musique have performed in 18 countries and all throughout the United States.
Robert Traxler
Robert Traxler makes music sometimes and sometimes runs the Memphis Concrète experimental music festival.
Sci Fi Industries
Sci-Fi Industries is Luis van Seixas, an electronic music project, where only hardware machines are involved in the production process (No computers).
The musical influences lay on electro-industrial and Goth rock from the 80s and SFI’s sound could be defined as a personal blend of dark ambient, cutting edge drum programming with an ethnical flavor.
Professionally Luis van Seixas is art conservator of sculpture and gilded and polychrome objects.
Colour Sound Oblivion

Colour Sound Oblivion is Kiefer Gorena, a musican from the American south who loves strange, innovative music just as much as regular, safe music. He has created 10 primary DIY albums in various styles, reflecting his eclectic tastes, using whatever amateur or professional tools at his disposal. This includes a best-of compilation called Ignorant Wonderland on Thisco Records. Lately, he has focused on standard singer/songwriter guitar fare.

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May 11 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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The Green Room at Crosstown Arts
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