Advanced Breathwork for Healthy Living Part 1

In this 2-Part workshop event, we incorporate some Alexander Technique as well as the Oxygen Advantage (a series of research supported breathing exercises designed to increase oxygen delivery to the cells and brain, improve circulation, HRV, vagal tone, and more). We will focus on taking all the wonderful breathwork and mindfulness people explore in their practice into their everyday lives.

Participants learn & explore the following:

+ The three parts of functional breathing

+ The importance of nasal breathing and how it’s different from mouth breathing

+ Why big, full breaths are not always helpful for those with anxiety and stress

+ How to increasing oxygen delivery to your cells and improve endurance

+ The connection between CO2 sensitivity and stress

+ How to improve your sleep quality and mental focus

This 2-part workshop event is part informative, part exploratory and participants will be guided through several hands-on exercises that they can walk away and incorporate into their lives.

Workshop Dates / Details:

PART 1, Saturday October 22nd 1-2:30pm

Embodied Breathwork

In this Part 1 of our Breathwork series, we focus on how improving alignment and reducing tension can help free our breathing. We’ll cover the basics of functional breathing while working on specific downregulating, calming breathwork exercises. Along with the physical practice, we’ll cover how to bring the mindfulness cultivated while on the mat into our everyday lives.

PART 2, Sunday October 23rd 1-2:30pm

Functional Breathing for Training & Recovery

What is the most effective way to use breathing during warmups and recovery? In this part 2 of our Breathwork series, we’ll build, teaching the basics of functional breathing and how to transition that into more demanding activities and workouts. We’ll go over how to improve tolerance to CO2 to improve endurance and how to free your ribs to get deeper breaths in more positions during your practice.

While both Workshop dates work in tandem, providing a comprehensive take away on improving breathwork in all areas of your life, they each also stand alone, offering information and techniques to take away. You can sign up for one or for both at a discount.


$40 per Workshop Event or $75 for both.

Workshop Location: Downtown Yoga Studio 515 South Main Memphis, TN 38103

Learn More: Learn more about Kevin and his unique Breathwork trainings on his website Habit Disruption,

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Oct 22 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



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