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Even Bigger Plans Ahead for South Main Including Malco Theatre

Photo: Audrey Chaney

For either a developer or someone looking to move downtown, South Main has become quite the place to be.

Growing up in South Bluffs, down the street from South Main, it has been fascinating to watch the transition that the area has made from a venue checkered equally with businesses and vacancies, to an area celebrating Memphis culture and cuisine.Within the last few years, developments summing around half a billion dollars have been invested into the area.

rea-apartmentsTo name a few of the attractions that South Main provides:


Central Station Development

Central Station/South End Development, Source: Henry Turley

Powerhouse Plaxa, Source: Henry Turley

Powerhouse Plaza, Source: Henry Turley

Aside from restaurants and entertainment venues are a number of residential developments. One of the largest of these is the renovating of Central Station. Among the 192 units being placed in Central Station, is an 8 screen Malco movie theater with an outdoor rooftop theatre and lounge.

Malco theatre at central station in memphis tn

Malco Theatre rendering, Source: Henry Turley

Malco Theatre rendering for Central Station

Rendering: TK Internetional

The Malco Theatre is planned for a vacant lot at the intersection of Front Street and G. E. Patterson Avenue (Southeast corner). Malco has been gone from the downtown area for over forty years and it is their desire to re-enter the downtown market with a brand new concept and theater experience

The building is a prime example of Memphis’ initiative to make downtown a living space, while also providing residents with a retail space and entertainment opportunities. As downtown seemed to be struggling in the 70s, it made sense to make the transition to a place to live. Now it is a major initiative of Terence Patterson’s and the Downtown Memphis Commission to compliment these living space with a storefront market.

We don’t want to over-saturate with too much residential, but we are being thoughtful about the types of projects we’re working with and incentivising – Terence Patterson, President and CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission

As South Main developments and interests explode, so do new projects in the surrounding area. South Front Street, the Artesian on Riverside, Tennessee and Carolina Street are all in the interest of investors to preserve old architecture, while making a marketable living and retail space. There are also plans for underpass improvements, murals, and transit to help facilitate the living and retail environments.

The seamless development is making downtown Memphis an ideal place for family life and civic engagement. You can visit South Main for updates on new developments.

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