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Equally Different Products for Equally Different Girls: Angels & Tomboys

When you think entrepreneurs, what comes to mind? Is it someone walking door to door selling a product? Is it someone designing a logo for their very own start-up? Or if you’re me, you think of the episode of “Spongebob Squarepants” where they traveled door-to-door just to sell “CHOCOLATE”! What if I told you Memphis has its’ own entrepreneurs that are thirteen and fifteen years old?

Photo: Morgan Smith

Meet Madison Star and Mallory Iyana, two sisters that have started their own business, “Angels & Tomboys”.

In 2014, Madison and Mallory came up with Angels & Tomboys after noticing a recurring issue: no smelly good stuff for young girls! It seemed there were no age-appropriate perfumes or skincare products for kids like them. 

After trying their luck by pitching Angels and Tomboys during an episode of Shark Tank in 2016, these two business ladies ultimately made a name for themselves, walking away with a $60,000 investment from two of the show’s sharks. 

Photo: Morgan Smith

With an appreciation for scents on opposing spectrums, Mallory’s stemming from the tomboy side and Madison’s the angels’, they want each product created to reflect their company motto, “All girls are created equally different.”

Signature scents like Lemonade Doughnuts, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Cotton Candied Apples, Cherry Star Glam, and more, allow them to market their products towards every kind of girl, with a focus on ages six to fourteen.

Photo: Morgan Smith

On May 19th, Angels and Tomboys opened their brick and mortar location to the public where guests can not only purchase pre-made products, snacks, and drinks, but can also make their own perfumes and other skincare items themselves.

“[We] want to be globally-known and to inspire girls all over the world to be themselves” -Mallory

Photo: Morgan Smith

Mallory and Madison have big dreams for the future of Angels and Tomboys. Amidst aspirations of continuing to grow their foundation, Girlhood Academy, moving their business headquarters to Atlanta, and developing a stage play about how they began their journey, they hope to keep building on the empire that they’ve started.

Take a look at their products here or check them out at their new store front on Summer Avenue.

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