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Entertaining My Visiting Family

I got a wonderful visit from my family over Easter weekend!

The last time my parents came to visit, the general mood of the visit was very chaotic and stressed. They were only in town for about two days and they were down there to help me with buying my first car and navigate through all this paperwork post-college graduate Bianca had no idea how to do. Fortunately, this time around, I was in a totally different place than I was during that frantic visit back in July. My parents, my brother, and my nephew all came this time to check out Memphis.

Because our schedule was so jam packed the last time they were here, I wasn’t able to take my parents to one of the jewels of Memphis, the National Civil Rights Museum. We got a quick breakfast at Chick-Fil-A early Friday morning (gotta beat the crowds!) and headed over to spend the day at the museum. This was my third time there and it honestly never stops amazing me. There’s so much knowledge and reflection in that museum, I’m truly so grateful to live in a city with such a powerful institution. For dinner, I took them over to Central BBQ where we basically ordered the whole menu: wings, ribs, the half chicken, and of course, some BBQ nachos.




On Saturday, we went over to Sunrise Memphis for a proper Memphis brunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. We sat out on the patio and were treated to live music played by Ghost River. Since my first encounter with “biscuits for breakfast”, I have been obsessed with trying out Memphis’ biscuits. Can’t say I’m close to finding my personal favorite because all the biscuits I’ve had here are always just…so good. I’m sorry for even mentioning the cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. Yikes.

After brunch we split up and Hassan I took my mom to the Dixon Gallery & Gardens and had a relaxing stroll admiring all the gorgeous greens and flowers. While we were there, my dad took my brother and nephew over to the Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid and we later met at Overton Park. The Loyola vs. Michigan basketball game was something we were all waiting for that day and we went over to Memphis Pizza Café in Overton Square to watch the game. Despite the not ideal outcome (Loyola lost ☹) at least we had bellies full of delicious pizza.

Even though this was another quick visit, I’m glad I got to take my parents around the city without paperwork and other ~adult~ affairs weighing our visit down!

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