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Emmy Award Winners Open Shop In Cooper Young

The already talent-loaded Cooper Young neighborhood will now receive an enormous boost in artistic genius. K. Brandon Bell Creative and Sarah Rossi Photography have taken up residence at 852 S. Cooper. From their new biz home they have already collaborated on a website and branding project you may have heard about already, Relevant Roasters.

Their resumes are pretty impressive: The last four years they have produced and created the virtual sets for the Tony Awards, and they photographed the Broadway sets for each nomination. Memphis animator, Dan Baker, joined their team to help them shape the images and reconstruct them to have complete control of all the components for the show. The ways in which they developed the atmosphere for the ceremony made it appear as if the actors performed in front of the physical set. This artistry earned them an Emmy Award and an Art Directors Guild Award.

Bell said for both of them:

“It’s exciting for us to be working in our own neighborhood, especially with all the renewed interest and incredible growth in Midtown and Downtown Memphis. It took us a while, but we finally found a perfect spot for our creative energies.”

Bell moved to Memphis in 2011 from New York City. At his core he is a graphic designer, but his work has ventured from designing print and logos to videography, animation, and website design. Within the previous year he has put his talents to work for many notable companies including: ESPN, Goldman Sachs, TED, and Live Area Labs. He has also applied his skills with extraordinary Memphis organizations such as: Stax, Memphis Music Hall of Fame, along with assorted video production companies in the city.

Rossi is a long way from her birthplace in Corsica, Southern France. She has also worked in New York City as a photographer for Craig Paulson Photography. With the marketing images she took for the Addy Awards and her work with the advertising for Folks Folly and Humphrey’s Prime Cut Shoppe, she has changed her focal market quite drastically from the usual wedding pictures with Craig Paulson and portraits.

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