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Drink-N-Draw: February 25

Drink-N-Draw: February 25

Drink-N-Draw will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your abundant artistic talent or shortage of talent. You are invited to come February 25th, from 6 pm till about 9 pm at Amurica Photo (map here).

The event will offer some relaxed drawing games, challenges, and tests to win some interesting prizes. You can also chat and hangout with other Memphians. Artists will get a chance to show off, and non-artistic people can just feel like a kid again and have a blast.

At the end of Drink-N-Draw, everyone can enter anything they made during the night to win Best Drawing OR Worst Drawing. Whether or not you have the creative touch, you can still compete. Both worst and best will win a prize.

You are probably wondering where the “Drink” part of Drink-N-Draw comes in. Drinks will be provided and dancing will be happening throughout the night. You can BYOB and BYOP (Bring Your Own Pencils), but they will have some. Art supplies will be provided as well.

This art/gameshow event is hosted by local artist Eric Clausen. He is new to Memphis, but you may have seen his mural work at Amurica. He is a biker (the bicycle kind), and he has a great friend named Lester (Lester is a turtle and who doesn’t love turtles?).

Check out some of Eric C’s work here.

Join the party at Drink-N-Draw’s Facebook event page here.

You can also sign up for Eric’s drawing classes here.

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