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Don Lifted Releases “It’s Your World”

Photo: Noah Glenn

Featured photo: Noah Glenn

Recently we shared a feature on Don Lifted as he released his video for “Harbor Hall.”  Today he unveiled a new short film “It’s Your World.” Watch the film below, followed by some thoughts from Don.

From Don Lifted:  

 “It’s Your World” is a short film created by Lawrence “Don Lifted” Matthews and shot by Kevin Brooks and Martin Matthews.
The film takes place post the story being told in Don’s coming album “Alero”, but references the album as well as a future album titled “Contour” which takes place before “Alero.” The film is a day in Lawrence’s life after moving back to Memphis after being kicked out of college in Maryland. It details the mundane, lonely, frustrating and meditative moments he experiences back home but separated from his significant other all shown through interactions with his Oldsmobile Alero. The film shows him running errands, going to work, getting gas and washing his car. These mundane actions are wrapped together through mini music videos (which occur in his mind) concluding with him parking outside of his girlfriends old house at the end of a nostalgic joyride.
The film features two songs from Alero titled “Next Time” & “7000 Arundel Mills Circle” and three songs from Contour titled “5150 Goodman Rd”, “Muirfield” and “Chartridge”. Alero is on track to be released early 2017.

Learn more about Don Lifted here.

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