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Doin’ Stuff in Memphis 12/1

Photo: Eso Tolson

Some of Memphis’ top creatives are sharing their stories about doing work here in the Bluff City.

Join a conversation with 4 individuals as they share their stories about doing work and developing a presence in Memphis. Doin’ Stuff is a FREE to the public event. The event is a continuation of the SPECTACULAR VERNACULAR collection of hand-lettered pieces by Eso Tolson, influenced by the culture of Memphis. These inspired works celebrate the everyday colloquialisms that are distinctive to the Memphis community.

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Doin’ Stuff Details:

C901: What is the reason for this conversation?

Eso: Whether it be limited access to resources or lack of knowledge, I hear how people have issues with starting things in Memphis. I wanted to highlight Individuals I know and admire to share their stories in hopes of inspiring others.


 C901: What sparked this conversation?
 Eso: People have asked me how I’m able to do things that I do. To me it seems simple to at least start. It made me wonder how many people believe that they aren’t able to do things that I’m doing. That’s kind of how the conversation got started.


 C901: Who will be involved in this conversation?


C901: What are some colloquialisms we can expect to hear expressed within this conversation?
Eso:  I’m not sure! It really depends on how these conversations go. There’s no telling what kind of sayings or phrases that’ll come up. All memphis vernacular is welcomed.


C901:  Is the location of any significance to the purpose of the conversation?
Eso: YES. My exhibition “Spectacular Vernacular” is on display at the Memphis slim house. I have a three month residency. During the residency, I’m able to create events, workshops, and or programming that could be tied to the exhibition. So, “Doin stuff in Memphis” is what I came up with. It’s also great that it can happen in the Soulsville/South Memphis area.


 C901: What do you hope to gain from this conversation?
 Eso: I hope to learn more about the individuals who will be presenting and gain inspiration from their stories.


C901: What do you hope the community gains from this conversation?
Eso: I hope the community become inspired by the shared stories and conversations. My hope is that they will gain confidence and the Shorince that whatever they’d like to do, they can do it. Especially here in Memphis.

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