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Discover Memphis Music: May 2017 Playlist

Photo: Jake Ruth

Photo: Jake Ruth

Every month we partner with Music Export Memphis and special guests to curate a playlist of Memphis music as a way to introduce you to new music and reintroduce you to some classics along the way.

This month we are featuring party jams based on featured artists who are performing at 901Fest. Catrina Guttery from Rock 103’s Memphis Made and local artist PreauXX also contributed to this playlist.

  • Catrina’s pick – “Traffic Jammer” by The Bar-Kays

This tune makes you want to hit the dance floor from the jump. James Alexanders’ funky fresh bass line with Larry Dodson’s sensual description of the “traffic jammer” makes this a Memphis Made party jam to keep in the party playlist.

  • Preauxx’s pick – “Ain’t From My Hood” by Project Pat

My favorite song would have to be “Ain’t From My Hood” by Project Pat. I remember being in 5th grade when Pat dropped “Mista Don’t Play”. I was living in Raleigh-Bartlett at the time and everyone in the city of Memphis had this album on full blast all school year. It was the first time I was consumed by Memphis music culture, from the “North Memphis” chants to watching students “jook” in class. This song describes my first true appreciation to what Memphis music means to hip-hop history.

Check out the playlist above or find it here and follow Choose901 on Spotify for more.

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