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Dining Card Dash: Tart

This post is a part of a series of blogs we’ll be writing in partnership with City Dining Cards. Read about it here.


Of all the great restaurants popping up along Cooper St. from Overton Square to Cooper Young, few feel as homey and relaxed as Tart (820 Coooper Street). Perhaps that’s because the rustic French bakery/café is located in what was once an actual home. The spacious, shady deck is about as midtown as they come and perfect for hanging out on nice days.


My wife, baby, and I were greeted by the staff as we entered. They filled us in on some specials and made a few suggestions. We were there during their breakfast hours, so Lindsey went for the Breakfast Sandwich (scrambled eggs and bacon on a fresh baked croissant) and I opted for the Eggs en Brioche, which as the name implies, is a egg baked in brioche bread. That wasn’t quite enough to cross the $30 threshold needed to make use of the Dining Card discount, so we splurged on their recommendation of the breakfast antipasto, which is something I’ve been curious about on previous trips to Tart, but might never have ordered as a standalone meal.

My dates for the meal.

My dates for the meal.

We added some coffee to our order – an Americano for me and a mocha for my wife – and grabbed our seats. The coffee arrived almost as soon as we sat down.


The espresso they were brewing was Café Las Flores. I don’t know much about Las Flores, but I’m told they are Memphis owned with operations based in Nicaragua. My drink hit the spot, and Lindsey said the mocha was sweet and chocolatey with and extra glob of chocolate waiting for her at the end. Next the food arrived.


The antipasto was a great way start to our meal – a variety of meats and cheeses with an Earl Grey jam, baked apple, and crostini. It would’ve been enough to make a small meal for an individual. It was perfect to split as a starter for two. The breakfast sandwich and the eggs in brioche were simple and tasty.

It’s hard to leave tart without getting some sort of pastry. We chose a cherry tart en bande to go, and also picked up a package of Relevant Roasters espresso roast to try at home.

To go!



Tart is located at 820 S Cooper and their hours are Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm.

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