Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Daphne: First Impressions

Memphis: The Non-Southern Girl’s Opinion – Okay, so…not bad!!

Memphis as its first impression really wasn’t a culture shock for me. Well, not here in Midtown. The thing I had to get used to first was everyone being so freakin’ friendly. Back on the East Coast, we are friendly too but not out of nowhere. It’s mostly to people we know via our jobs or friends, etc. The second thing I had to get used to was the accent. No, I don’t have that “joisey” accent people think we have like Snooki from “Jersey Shore.” I’m from north Jersey close to NYC so my accent is very clear and simple. Down here there is a little southern twang. The energy here is what people told me it would be. Slower paced. From the driving, (I’m used to driving almost 75 mph on highways) the speaking, much slower, and the ‘Yes, ma’ams’ and ‘No, ma’ams.’ We don’t do any of that. We are blunt with our answers.

Me at City & State

Me at City & State

What I do like is the culture here. The young creative folk like myself. I live in Midtown since that was the area that was recommended to me. I arrived with no car so Uber drivers were my best friends giving me the inside scoop on where to live and eat. I’m right around the corner from Overton Square and I have to admit that it’s pretty awesome. Local is one of my go-to spots and so is Babalu. And for my coffee lovers, it’s amazing not to see a million Starbucks all over the place. City & State is legit located right on Broad Ave. A little expensive, but great gift ideas and an actual place to sit and just relax. I went there one day and ran into an artist named Tobacco Brown who deals with art for social change. The Smoked Salted Caramel iced latte was great!

Within my first couple of months of being here, life seems pretty chill. I had to network with people however to feel like I could get “in the know” with all the exclusive events. The other thing I had to get used to was no beach. I’m going through beach withdrawals but I will survive somehow. 

Next, it’s time for me to really get to know the people, what they think of their town, because many people keep asking me why I moved here as if it was awkward for me to do so. I see Memphis Pride, but I also see “We’ll never be Nashville” attitudes. Can’t say I’m fully a Memphian yet, but I have to explore what Memphians think about themselves.

Stay tuned.

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