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Crosstown Concourse & Shelby Farms Park Announce Kitchen Next Door Restaurants

Photo: Davis Tilly

The Farm to Table concept will be a part of the Crosstown Concourse and Shelby Farms Park. Kimbal Musk, who recently committed to 100 community gardens at schools around Memphis, will be leading the new endeavors. Shelby Farms Park will feature a grab-and-go bistro, while Crosstown Concourse will have a community pub concept. Take a look at the menu at one of his restaurants.

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Kitchen Next Door Menu for Denver

You can check out the whole menu from Kitchen Next Door in Denver here.

The Kitchen at Shelby Farms Park

Rendering from Shelby Farms Park


Rendering from Shelby Farms Park

Rendering from Shelby Farms Park

The Kitchen and The Kitchen Next Door will begin serving farm fresh, local food in 2016 at Shelby Farms Park and 2017 at Crosstown Concourse. All locations will offer fresh food in unique settings, creating strong community connections through great food.

“Access to delicious and healthy food is one of the top requests we see from Park visitors,” said SFPC Executive Director Laura W. Morris. “The Kitchen team members are proven operators with a bold mission that complements both our vision for the Park and local food culture in Memphis. A world-class park deserves a world-class restaurant, and The Kitchen is the perfect fit—we’re ready to set the table, together.”

Musk is featured in a lengthy read about how he ended up in Memphis and what he envisions for our city moving forward. Take a look at one quote speaking about Musk’s reaction to the Crosstown Concourse development.

“Musk took to it instantly, seeing past the battered façade and envisioning how he could serve healthy food to the low- and middle-income people who might live in and visit Crosstown — as well as millennials and students who might be drawn by The Kitchens’ hip cred.”

Read the whole article here at Backchannel, including Musk’s experiences in Memphis so far, including Raiford’s downtown.

“We are thrilled to add Memphis to our family,” said Kimbal Musk, co-founder of The Kitchen. “Memphis is a vibrant and diverse city that is on the verge of a Real Food renaissance. We are more than thrilled to be part of that movement by investing in the Crosstown and Shelby Farms Park developments. Together with our restaurants and our non-profit organization we hope our mission of ‘‘community through food flourishes across Memphis.”

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