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Crosstown Businesses Partner to Release Exclusive Beer This Winter

What started off as a casual business interaction between two local business owners, has now evolved into a community partnership that will result in an exclusive new beer to be released this winter.

Photo: Crosstown Brewing Company

Before Crosstown Brewing Company opened its doors in 2017, co-founders Clark Ortkiese and Will Goodwin would frequent Midtown Crossing Bar & Grill. At the time, the local pizzeria was the only restaurant near the site what would later become Crosstown Concourse.

“We would use Midtown Crossing as an office space in a way…as we were planning to open the brewery,” Ortkiese explained. “Crosstown Concourse wasn’t yet completed, so Midtown Crossing was a staple restaurant in the community where we could enjoy a pizza over a business meeting and then walk across the street to show potential investors and stakeholders the progression at the Concourse.”

The owners spent so much time at the local pizzeria they eventually developed a friendship with the owner, Octavia Young and many of her staff members.

“Before Will and Clark opened the brewery, they told my lead bartender and me that they’d name a beer after us,” Young said. “Recently we re-visited what they said and came up with something that includes my name and the name of my lead bartender, Sarah.”

The beer, to be called Sarratavia (merging both Octavia and Sarah’s name), will be a standard to high ground ale that will be aged in blackberries to give it a slightly wine-like, fruity flavor. The beer will be primarily packaged in 22 ounce bottles that will be sold at the brewery and other select locations. A portion of the proceeds for each beer purchased will be donated to a local educational organization.

“Octavia, the owner of Midtown Crossing, is so community minded and we always try to be at Crosstown Brewery… so we thought it would be cool to make this beer with a cool name and give back to the community in some kind of way.” -Clark Ortkiese, Co-founder of Crosstown Brewing Company

The beer is slated for a winter release. Owners are finalizing details with a local educational institution that they’re hoping will use the funds to help teachers and their classrooms.

For up-to-date information on the beer’s release and to find out about events at both businesses, you can visit their websites at Crosstown Brewing Company and Midtown Crossing.

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