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Crosstown Arts Opens Shared Art Making Facility, Includes Child-Care

Photo: Crosstown Arts

Calling all creatives: A super cool new space has opened in Crosstown Concourse for artists of all types, aged 18 and up, to share a workspace. If you want a public place to work on your art for a minimal fee, check out Crosstown Art’s Shared Art Making facility.

Photo: Crosstown Arts

At only $80 month-to-month or $75 monthly for an annual membership, the facility offers art-making equipment and software for artists of any level: novice to professional. The workspace includes equipment for makers in digital arts, music production, woodworking, printmaking, and more. Members will also have the opportunity to lead workshops in the area of their expertise. These classes will be discounted to other members of Shared Art Making.

Photo: Crosstown Arts


Shared Art Making tech Kasey Price said, “Shared Art Making is a place for people to work on creative projects and for those who need access to professional equipment. It’s really for anyone who has a passion and focus about their art, whether it’s composing a beat or etching a coffee mug.”

The digital lab will provide iMac stations with the full suite Adobe software, large-format printers, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, an industrial sewing machine, and more. The professional woodshop has a CNC router for precise wood-cutting, stationary power tools, work tables, hand tools, and other equipment.

Music and video artists, they didn’t forget about you! The facility will also have a sound lab including a private space for film and video. There’s also a place for t-shirt production and graphic posters.

Artists with kiddos will be elated to discover the membership package that includes childcare offered by The Well at Church Health, also located in Crosstown Concourse. This package is only an additional $15 per month, for up to two hours a session. This membership would include any Crosstown Arts event the artist might want to attend, so it’s pretty much super worth it. The workspace’s hours are Tuesday through Thursday 10 am to 10 pm, Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from noon to 6 pm.

When it comes to this innovative new space, think gym membership, but for artists. Except the only sweat and tears will be put into making beautiful pieces to share with the world.

Learn more about Crosstown Arts’ Shared Art Making workspace and join here.

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