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Creators Get the Spotlight at Memphis Comic Expo

Collectors, gamers, cosplayers and artists from all over the region will fill the Agricenter October 20th & 21st for the annual Memphis Comic Expo.

Billed as the “truest comic convention in the Mid-South,” Memphis Comic Expo is dedicated to the creators, both local and abroad, who make comics happen. Founder Donald Yuengling, who also manages Comics and Collectibles in East Memphis, says the origin story for MCX is pretty simple — he wanted to fill a void. 

“I think my inspiration for wanting to do a show like this was having to go out of town to see the kind of guests that Memphis should have. Originally, I went to see legendary artist Bernie Wrightson at a show in Little Rock and I started fuming that Memphis never got any guests of that caliber and I just decided to give this a shot myself.” 

Yeungling says that while there’s certainly plenty on deck for OG collectors at this year’s expo, marginal fans, newbies, and people who are just curious don’t need to feel intimidated because there’s something for everyone.

“There is nothing to be nervous about, we have fans of all ages so just come have some fun with us. We have a huge amount of artists that will have art for sale and many will be doing commissions of whatever you want for a fee. We also have a very fun Cosplay Contest Saturday at 3:00 PM that all ages are welcome to participate in.”

Along with the cosplay, the forums, and all the vendors to explore, you can commission a drawing by Jerry Lawler for a fee, get a photo with a Batmobile and a Ghostbusters car, and spend hours in the dedicated game room with board games, retro video games, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and many more.

Advanced Tickets are available now:

  • VIP Early Entry: $75
  • One Day Adult: $20
  • Two Day Adult + Gaming Entry: $30
  • Ages 12 and Under: Free

Prices at the door

  • One Day Adult: $25
  • Two Day Adult + Gaming Entry: $35
  • Ages 12 and Under: Free

Keep reading for more background on what’s coming this year.

How does Memphis Comic Expo stand out from other cons?

Memphis Comic Expo is different from other local and regional cons in that we are very much focused on comic creators and comics. Most other shows have more of a focus on media, but we think the actual artists and writers of comics are the ones that should be celebrated and praised. Our guest list has more top tier comic creators than any show in TN, AR, MS, AL & LA. You have to go to a major city to find anything comparable or bigger.

What are some of the highlights that comic collectors in the know will be psyched about?

We are very excited about our guest list this year which is possibly our best so far. This year we have Chris Claremont who wrote the X-Men for 17 years and molded the comic into what fans recognize as the modern X-Men. We also have Donny Cates who is by far the hottest writer at Marvel Comics currently. He currently writes Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Death of the Inhumans and will be taking over Guardians of the Galaxy soon. We also have an Exclusive Memphis Comic Expo Variant of Venom #6 (drawn by Kevin Nowlan) that will be available for purchase at the event. Larry Hama was the guiding force behind G.I. Joe for Marvel Comics in the 80’s and 90’s and he still writes it for IDW Publishing. Mike Grell is well known for his work on Green Arrow, Superboy & The Legion of Super Heroes & Warlord among others. Overall, we have about 90 creators joining us, many of which are Memphis and area based creators that would love some support!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your years of putting on the expo?

I’ve learned that you need the support of the community to make this type of event work. We are so thankful for our loyal fans and the people in the media who help us get the word out. It literally takes a village so come out and show some love Memphis!

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