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Share Ideas with #CreateMemphis

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Livable Memphis and ioby have come together to create a platform for your ideas called Create Memphis. This platform is for all those great ideas you have that you may not have the funds (or time) to do yourself.

“We know that Memphians are brilliant, creative innovators. We’ve been creating our neighborhoods together for decades,” says Emily Trenholm, director of Community Development Council of Greater Memphis. “This is an opportunity to include more voices, more communities to create great places in all our neighborhoods.”

They are asking for people with big ideas to begin with small steps to get things started. This platform is designed to build on that energy and enthusiasm and bring your ideas to life, together with our neighbors.

“Memphians love their community. Every year we have more applicants than we can support sign up for our Certified Neighborhood Leader Training Program, so I know that people are hungry to give back,” says Nika Martin, City of Memphis Office of Community Affairs Manager. “This is a great way for leaders to take skills learned in the trainings and have an accessible vehicle at their fingertips to help bring their ideas to life.”

You start by logging in with Facebook or Twitter, and simply click “Add an Idea.” Explore ideas already submitted by your neighbors. Click “support” to show some love to your favorites and “commit to help” to pitch in to the ones you love the most.

“A common thing to say in Memphis, is ‘somebody should do something about that.’ It’s time for us to realize that ‘somebody’ is us, and the time is right now,” says Ray Brown, urban designer and ioby leader.

You can read more about Create Memphis here, and share your ideas.

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