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Crawfish Sunday at Crosstown Brewing

I moved to Memphis at the perfect time. It was early May of 2017 and the weather was phenomenal. Not too hot. Not too cold. I didn’t even have to run my AC or heat to stay comfortable. What I realized quickly about Memphis is that people around here love their crawfish! There was a crawfish boil going on at least once a week during the springtime, and I couldn’t complain. I for one love crawfish. Maybe it’s how the spiciness makes your sinuses run, or how you get that bold cajun flavor as you suck the head. One way or another, it’s one of those things you can’t get enough of.

Thankfully that time of year is rolling back around. I found the first crawfish boil of the year, and it was being held at the new Crosstown Brewery. As we rolled up you could smell the familiar fishy smell and cajun spices. It was great. I hadn’t been to the brewery yet, so it was cool walking in and experiencing it. I really like how they had it all set up. It was a high-ceilinged building with a window above the bar showcasing all of their equipment with a menu on the left side detailing their beer and prices.

So far they only have two beer in stores, so if you try any of their other offerings you’re going to need to go there in person and check it out! My favorite is probably their Siren Blonde. Incredibly drinkable and light and so incredibly refreshing. The Traffic IPA is what was recommended with the crawfish and it was a solid pairing. The other beers on tap were a strong high gravity stout, a saison, and even a nitro cold brew coffee for the folks that don’t want anything alcoholic.

The crawfish was great, too! It was made fresh by a chef from the restaurant called New Orleans located here in Memphis. The crawfish were well-sized and were even made with a bit of seasoning on the side so you could make it as spicy as you wanted. At $7.00 a pound it’s not a terrible deal but not great either. Especially considering that the crawfish didn’t even come with corn, potatoes, or sausage. If anything, this is a great place to come and get your feet wet with crawfish season just starting up. They will be doing this every Sunday at Crosstown Brewery, so I hope to see y’all out there!

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