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Best Practices + Best Teachers = Cornerstone Prep

Cornerstone Prep is a very unique elementary school. The school structure, perspective, methods and systems are based on the best practices from high-performing schools across the country. These best practices, infused with character education that dominate the school culture, make Cornerstone Prep a distinctive institution.

The founders of Cornerstone Preparatory School believe that all children can learn and be successful when given access to an achievement-oriented, structured, disciplined learning environment.

Cornerstone Prep’s approach to education, based on successful urban schools around the country, includes:

  • Intense focus on the core subjects: math and reading
  • More time learning, created by an extended academic day and year
  • Standards-based lesson plans, curriculum, and assessments
  • Intentional leadership development
  • Fast-paced, challenging learning environment
  • High standards for students and teachers

The following are some of the distinguishing characteristics of Cornerstone Prep:

  1. College prep begins in Kindergarten.
  2. High expectations support high achievement.
  3. Every minute counts.
  4. Leadership matters.
  5. Urban Students deserve the best.

Cornerstone is looking for teachers and educators who want to make a life-changing difference, not only in the children at the school, but in the community itself. Find out more at


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