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A sign welcoming visitors to Cooper Young, an ideal neighborhood for those moving to Memphis.

Cooper-Young Gallery & Gift-Shop is the Textbook Definition of Delightful

If you are fond of vibrant designs and eclectic mercantile, boy do I have the place for you— Cooper young gallery and gift shop.

Nestled in the Cooper-Young community lays a local gem: Cooper-Young Gallery & Gift Shop! You can’t miss the darling storefront of the Cooper-Young store. The pastel sign out front is just a sneak peek into what charming knick-knacks reside inside. 

   When you walk inside the gift shop, you are greeted by a neon “hello” sign, and then surrounded by an array of vibrant colors and personable gifts. The minute you walk through the doors, you vibe with the personality of the shop. From greeting cards, fascinating books and fabrics, to Memphis-themed art and more; Cooper-Young Gallery and Gift Shop has funky flair for everyone. The mix of local artists, such as The Cry Baby Club and owner Jenean’s Morrison’s own art, to a hint of classic brands such as Kate Spade and, something is bound to catch your eye. 

“The shop is our fun art project.” – Joel Rose

 Owners Jenean Morrison and Joel Rose have brought their creative ideas to life in this space. Cooper-Young Gallery and Gift Shop opened in November 2017 and has been flourishing since. Jenean is an artist herself, with her medium being mostly surface design and textile. Joel’s an artist as well, mainly working in freelance photography.

When asked what it’s like working together, Rose responded, “Whether it’s shop stuff or our freelance work, most everything we do is a team effort. It helps that we’re both artists but in different disciplines, and that we are both naturally curious and always looking for something exciting and new. The shop is our fun art project.” Her eye for design and his knack for photography together to bring a cohesive vision forth in the gift shop. 

    With her background in textiles, Morrison shared that one goal from selling fabric in the shop is to “share with people what different things they can do with fabric, even without a sewing machine.”

The layout of the shop feels welcoming and personal, as if you are just browsing through any ole  house in the Cooper-Young neighborhood, whilst shopping in a museum styled gift shop. And,this is not by mistake. The owners put so much thought into intricate details when planning out the space. From ginkgo tree patterns (because ginkgo trees line the streets) to eclectic art that captures the community, all of these details are crucial to the essence of the shop’s character. Their inventory of art and gifts are inclusive and progressive, showing representation matters. 

   There is something refreshing about feeling like a store captures a personality perfectly. The punny greeting cards made me giggle. The 901 loving mugs made me want to spend all my coins. Anything bright, colorful and floral is a need for me. There’s even a children’s section to pick up gifts for the little ones.

  Whether it be a 38104-ever sticker, a purr-fect cat lover pin or a globe that lights up the room; there’s a product in this shop that suits your individual brand of cool. Happy browsing! 

Photo: Owners Jenean Morrison and Joel Rose

Pay Jenean and Joel a visit at  Cooper-Young Gallery & Giftshop (889 S Cooper St.)

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