STax Music Academy continues the legacy of Stax by nurturing the musicians of tomorrow.

SMA nurtures and presents the next generation of great Soul Communicators from the greater Soulsville region, equipping them to excel and to impact the world through the universal language of music.

SMA provides students with musical theory and skill—but programs also enhance character by teaching skills in leadership, teamwork, and discipline. The end goal is to prepare graduates for post-primary success regardless of path, whether it be attending college or entering the music workforce.

Who is this for?  |  Students in 6th-12th grade

Established  |  2000

Number Served  |  4100 Students Since Founding

The Impact of Stax

Stax Music Academy educates and mentors thousands of young people to help prepare them for success as adults and, for those who choose music as a career, to become socially conscious and responsible artists.

“My son learned not give up on himself. He is more confident in himself as a musician and as a leader. He found a way to be proud of himself.”



Stax is the only organization in the world preserving and promoting the legacy of Stax Records with programming that teaches underserved young people the history of Stax, techniques of Stax, and mentors students who preform Stax music around the world. SMA offers sponsorship and partnership opportunities and depend on them for programs. 

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