Soul for the City

SOUL (Sending Out Urban Leaders) seeks to enhance the effectiveness of youth ministry in Memphis by providing organizations and youth workers resources and training opportunities.

SOUL identifies the need for youth outreach leaders in under-resourced neighborhoods and seeks to enhance the effectiveness of youth ministry in Memphis. Through a two year curriculum, they train on a variety of tenets on outreach and evangelism, so they can effectively promote the Gospel of Jesus.

This results in reaching the youth in communities, allows neighborhoods to thrive, and transforms the city in a way that glorifies God. 

Who is this for?  |  Volunteers, Donors

Established  |  2014

Number Served  |  100+ Youth Workers Trained

WHAT IS The Need?

The Mission of SOUL is to recruit, train, and resource individuals to reach kids in underserved areas. SOUL equips them to become stakeholders in their neighborhoods. 

As a result, The Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches the youth in Memphis communities, allows the communities to thrive, and transforms the city. 

Soul for the City Programs

Soul Fellows Program

Our Fellows program seeks to invest in new youth leaders through developing relationships and providing in-depth training over the course of two years. During this training process, Fellows are hired as full-time youth outreach workers at local ministries.

Soul Internship

Our Internship Program seeks to provide college seniors and/or recent college graduates with an opportunity to learn the basic elements and philosophies of gospel- centered evangelism to young people in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Soul Forums

The SOUL Forums seek to equip, connect and encourage youth professionals in Memphis. Soul Forums are fun social events that offer the opportunity to connect with youth workers throughout Memphis.

"SOUL has helped me have a closer relationship with GOD and a clearer understanding of the children I mentor. After a couple classes, I realized my importance in the children's lives and see the impact I have on them."
Carissa Smith
Soul Fellow

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