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Leadership Empowerment Center

The Leadership Empowerment Center exists to aid in bringing resolution to our youth’s problems by meeting their spiritual, academic, and social needs.

Leadership Empowerment Center (LEC) serves to empower the youth of the North Memphis Frayser community to become leaders and raise the next generation to do the same. LEC works to develop the youth build confidence, knowledge, and skills to be the best version of themselves. They do this in a variety of leadership, educational, and recreational programming. 

The LEC Mission is to meet the holistic needs of youth in our surrounding community by innovatively and creatively proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who is this for?  |  Middle & High-School Students, Volunteers

Established  |  1997

Number Served  |  300 Youth Served Annually

LEC Programming


The goal of The Leadership Empowerment Center is to develop youth spiritually, academically, and economically. 


LEC sports programming is a combination of fun, competition, and opportunities to build valuable relationships. 

After-School Learning Center

The Middle School Learning Center (MSLC) is an after school program designed for students at Georgian Hills Middle School. 

WAYS TO Serve at the LEC

Be a part of something BIG.

Your financial support helps provide programs and services to youth throughout the Frayser community and the city of Memphis — so that the LEC can develop more college graduates, community leaders, and entrepreneurs.

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