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Binghampton Development Corporation

Building equity by investing in people and property. 

The mission of the BDC is to revitalize the historic neighborhood and improve the quality of life for the people of the Binghtampton community. They pursue this revitalization through housing development and empowerment programs for those affected by systemic poverty.

The BDC invests in the people and property of the neighborhood for a stronger and brighter future.  

Who is this for?  |  Donors

Established  |  2003

Number Served  |  400+ Annually


The BDC seeks to build a sense of community by developing public spaces, building awareness of opportunities and needs, promoting education and literacy, and offering capacity building opportunities for residents in Binghampton.

Since 2003, the BDC has renovated 100 housing units and constructed 18 new houses. 

With your help, the BDC will continue to serve the Binghampton community toward a strong and more self-sustaining future.

John and Renee, Binghampton Residents


Property Development and Blight Abatment

Community Asset Building

Economic Development

Support of Personal Capacity Development


The BDC Business Hub teaches skills through on-the-job training and provides entry employment opportunities for a variety of skill levels. 

Through various job programs, it serves to prepare Binghampton residents for a living wage career. 

"The BDC Business Hub helped me make a plan that is similar to the goals I want to accomplish. The program was challenging and I feel so much more confident in myself to do things that I would’ve shied away from before doing the program.”
Ted Young
BDC Graduate
A group of children posing in front of a Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC) building.

student Outreach programs

The BDC pursues its mission through a variety of student outreach programs. These  after school programs serve the youth of Binghampton by helping them build friendships, learn more about God, and develop into well-rounded adults. 

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