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Competing in the Play901 Dodgeball Tournament

One fact about me is that I am incredibly unathletic and and completely uncoordinated. I didn’t play many sports growing up, mainly because being pegged with a ball is terrifying to me.

Play901 dodgeball ava 1I tried a few sports here and there but nothing ever really stuck. There is no telling why the Lord brought into my life one of the sportiest guys I have ever met, but it probably has something to do with me getting out of my comfort zone. My husband grew up in a world where sports were life. A competitive nature is basically in his blood. This is where we are complete opposites.

I am glad my husband is super sporty because he pushes me to do things I would never normally consider doing…. Like signing up for a dodgeball tournament, hosted by Play901. The tournament was last week and the teams competing were grouped by schools. We joined the MTR Staff team. I was a bit wary of this decision, especially considering my fear of getting pegged by a ball, but reluctantly (even after trying to cancel on my team multiple times) I decided to play.

Dodgeball is pretty much the epitome of my fear of sports. The whole goal of the game is to try and dodge balls (hence, the name) while at the same time, trying to hit opposing team members with a ball. The tournament was held at a place called Skyzone. Being new to Memphis, I had no idea what Skyzone was but just figured it was a NORMAL gym. NOPE. Skyzone is a trampoline park. Yep, didn’t know that until I got there. At this point, my unathletic, uncoordinated self is thinking… ‘You’re telling me I have to jump on a trampoline AND play dodgeball… AT THE SAME TIME?!’ This was a recipe for disaster. Though I was a bit nervous, I was also a little excited on the inside because my inner child was coming out and all I wanted to do was jump on the trampoline… and let me tell ya, nothing makes you feel older than jumping on a trampoline for five minutes to end up completely worn out and out of breath.

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I didn’t realize that dodgeball tournaments were so competitive. There were a couple teams who were incredibly serious and a little bit intimidating. Our team was average but we had great spirit and really enjoyed being together and playing. I honestly had a great time despite my not wanting to be there. I love how intentional Play901 is and how these sporting events are geared toward building community. It was a great time for me to learn about stepping out of my comfort zone while meeting new people and having a lot of fun. It is also always a lot of fun to see the super sporty “could-have-beens” really show off and remanence in the glory days. It was truly a good time all around.  

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