Woodyard Realty Group has teamed up with Give901 to offer three scholarships to young students and workers.

Memphis Company Helping Reduce Financial Barriers to Higher Education

Woodyard Realty Corp. believes access to education for all Memphians means a better Memphis for everyone.

That’s why they’re launching  a new scholarship program to help students advance their education and careers right here in Memphis! 

Woodyard Realty Corporation has been selling apartment complexes in the Memphis area since 1984. “For forty years, our goal has always been improving inner city neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for Memphians,” says president Steve Woodyard.

Their brand new scholarship program will help Memphians take a giant leap forward! Three scholarships will be awarded to apartment residents or employees who are pursuing their education in Memphis. 


We know that too many kids in Memphis are living in poverty, and it negatively impacts their access to quality education, especially after high school. Higher education is sometimes not an option for many young Memphians without the financial support. 

Woodyard Realty Corp. wants to make a real difference in the lives of Memphians. That’s why they’ve joined Give901 to invest in education and create opportunities for success.

Collegiate School of Memphis, Class of 2022

Like Give901, Woodyard Realty Corp. believes the future of our city depends on a diverse generation prepared to work for a stronger Memphis. However, too many are at a disadvantage because they don’t have the resources to pay for education. Woodyard Realty Corp.’s goal is to reduce those financial barriers, and provide young students and workers an opportunity to achieve their dreams. 


Three scholarships will be awarded based on different higher education paths.

  • Scholarship #1: A $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing an undergraduate degree at a college or university in Memphis.
  • Scholarship #2: A $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing education at a community college or vocational school or program in Memphis.
  • Scholarship #3: A $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to an employee or resident of any apartment community in Memphis and wants to pursue a continuing education or advanced certification course

Do you meet the requirements?

  • Will you be enrolled in a college, university, vocational school, or continuing education program by September 1, 2023?
  • Are you a current resident or employee (full-time or part-time) living in any apartment community in Memphis or Shelby County? 

If you answered yes, here's everything you have to do:

  • Write a 550 word essay about your academic and professional goals, and how your personal experiences will help accomplish those goals
  • Fill out the application
  • Submit by April 3, 2023

P.S. Give901 is here to help!

Send your questions to Chris Supplice, Development Communications Coordinator for Give901. 

DISCLAIMER: If, by chance, you know a scholarship judge, do not contact that individual regarding your application or you may be disqualified. 

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