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Coming to Broad Ave: City & State, Coffee Shop and Retail

Lumberjack Latte from City & State

Lumberjack Latte, Photo: Amanda Hill

City & State has announced the opening of its first concept store located at 2625 Broad, in the heart of the Broad Avenue Arts District. The 2,700-square-foot space will carry men and women’s clothing, home goods, accessories, an apothecary and more. They will also have a large patio space.

City & State will also be home to a craft coffee house. Focusing on high quality roasts and thoughtful preparation, they will offer a limited menu of select coffees and teas. When asked about the coffee Lisa said,

“We are in talks with a number of high-quality roasters around the country to determine our first featured offerings, but plan to rotate every few months to provide our customers with a chance to discover new roasts. We will offer a variety of brew methods such as V60, Eva Solo and Chemex so customers can experience a spectrum of flavor clarity and body. Our espresso will remain focused on a small selection of well-crafted beverages that will also rotate.”

Long-time Memphis residents, Lisa and Luis Toro have always had a passion for craftsmanship and those who are dedicated to their art. “It’s exciting to think that we can showcase and raise awareness for the makers and businesses who truly care about their products,” said Lisa. “We’re eager to bring goods from around the country, and sometimes beyond, to the Memphis market. Many of our artisans’ goods aren’t carried anywhere else in the city.” One such brand is Imogene + Willie, a denim maker out of Nashville, TN, most recently featured in Vogue.

They will also support and feature local makers such as the recent Martha Stewart American Made Awards finalist Paper & Clay. Her Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic is a perfect fit for the shop.

“I think we can all relate to the pressures we feel in our daily lives. We wanted to build a space that would encourage people to take time, enjoy a cup of coffee and explore,” said Lisa. “This space is about celebrating the art of craft.”

Coming from the corporate world, this husband-and-wife duo wanted to create a business that would allow them to be more involved in the community and would reinvigorate the essence of the general stores of old. Lisa has spent the last two years curating a collection of more than 400 vendors, which she plans to rotate in the store and online.

“We’re opening this business in Memphis so that we can share our belief in quality over quantity,” said Lisa Tori. “In using our collective power as consumers to support those people, brands and businesses who care about their products, their people and the world around them. Starting a business is Memphis is such a tremendous experience. The amount of support from the community is unprecedented. Every step of the way we have had individuals willing to step in, offer advice, provide contacts and give their support. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be if we were to try this in any other city.”

The Toros have lived and worked in Memphis for more than twenty years and say they couldn’t imagine opening City & State anywhere else. They had planned to open the store online first, with a brick and mortar store to follow; however, all of that changed one day in February of this year:

“When we spotted the building on Broad, that was it. All of our planning shifted,” said Lisa Toro. “Not only was the historic building ideal in size and layout, but the location is perfect. The Broad Avenue Arts Districts’ vision to create an arts destination aligns perfectly with our mission to celebrate craftsmanship. Broad Avenue’s growth is tremendous thanks to the efforts of so many incredible people. We are thankful we have the opportunity to be a part of it, and help caffeinate them along the way.”

City & State will have a soft opening this weekend 9am-2pm at 2625 Broad Ave.

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