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Coming Soon: Shab Chic Marketplace at the Edge

Calling all startups, small businesses, creatives, and innovators! Apply now to open up shop in the first ever Shab Chic Marketplace.

Shab Chic at the Edge

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Shab Chic at the Edge is launching soon! The Shab Chic Marketplace is an innovative and exciting opportunity for startups and small businesses to rent storefronts in a new lot uniquely designed from shipping containers. Located here across the street from Edge Alley, the container community will be open year round for shoppers, artists, and business owners. In addition to trendy shops, the marketplace will host festivals, movie nights, food tastings, art installations, and more, as well as private events. Local retail vendors will rotate every 6 to 12 months to keep the marketplace fresh and exciting, as well as to allow multiple businesses to showcase their creativity.

The business is centered on the belief of inspiring innovation and creativity, promoting music, art, and above all, the businesses that comprise the marketplace.

Shab Chic at the Edge

Photo: Shab Chic Marketplace

To bring this exciting concept to life, founders Ebony Doss of St Louis, MO and Brian Christion of Memphis, TN have partnered with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative redevelopment project. Ebony Doss’s creative passion paired with Brian Christion’s business savvy background make them an excellent team to tackle the challenge of helping small businesses thrive.

Shab Chic Marketplace creates an outlet for business owners to try their hand at running a brick and mortar shop in a nontraditional way. The vibrant container mall will officially launch to customers with a soft opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on November 18th, 2017.

I love being a creative and I love bringing creatives together. I love anyone who’s out trying to build a business. I love entrepreneurship. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do so to be able to assist others to do that is huge so it all just kind of works together. – Ebony Doss, Co-founder

Shab Chic at the Edge

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Are you ready to showcase your unique brand and have your own storefront? Applications to become a vendor are open on the Shab Chic Marketplace website here until October 27th! Don’t put off your dream any longer, apply now to launch your very own pop-up shop.

We are looking for someone who is unique, eclectic, has something different and fresh to bring to the city. We want to be able to create something new and help these small business owners trial it out. – Ebony Doss, Co-founder

Apply now to become a vendor and follow the Shab Chic Marketplace on Facebook for updates.

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