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Comedy at P&H Cafe

This past weekend I went to my first comedy show here in Memphis.

P&H Cafe over on Madison Ave. was hosting a comedy show that was teacher themed. Different comics that worked as teachers during the day took the stage and spun the trial and tribulations from their classrooms into jokes. Even though I got there a bit late, the people that I managed to see were great. It was fun to take a moment to step back and laugh at the ridiculousness that can happen when your coworkers, as funny as this sounds, are kids.

The comedy shows at P&H have been on my radar but I always forgot or had something come up. I’m really glad I made it out this week. The vibe was laidback and relaxed; perfect for a stand-up routine. If you’ve been curious about local comedy shows but still haven’t gotten yourself and your crew to make it out, give it a go! The spontaneity of stand-up definitely made for a hilarious night.

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