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Combating Homelessness with Living Grace

Living Grace is a nonprofit organization pioneered by Sheleah Harris. With youth homelessness being extremely high in certain areas of Memphis, and summing about 1 million children across the U.S., organizations like Living Grace can quickly locate where to employ themselves in their initiative.

 These are our children in our city that need our love and support, which means we have the responsibility to advocate for our homeless youth. – Sheleah Harris, Founder of Living Grace

Sheleah Harris, providing supplies to yough

Sheleah Harris, providing supplies to youth

Living Grace partners closely with the Kroger Community, the TN Department of Children’s Services, the Loft Salon, and the Achievement School District to locate students in dire need of assistance.

Through these organizations, Sheleah and her team deliver Grace Bags, filled with school supplies, MATA bus passes, toiletries, and lots of love. Hopefully, through doing so, the organization, along with many others in Memphis like Agape North, are able to provide a little assistance in easing the daily tribulations that some of these young students face.

Living Grace will become a pillar of the Memphis community. If we take care of our children, then we ensure our future. – Sheleah Harris, Founder of Living Grace

To get involved, donate, be a sponsor, or partner with the organization, visit the website here.

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